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Directions To Jim's house and the GOS

Come down the Gulf Freeway (I-45) and take 61st Street right entering Galveston. Turn right on the Seawall and you'll leave town in about five minutes. The Seawall ends, but you stay on the same four-lane road. Where it becomes two-lane in Jamaica Beach, go 1.6 miles further, and turn right into Indian Beach. Take the FIRST right (quickly), which is Shaman, the road turns left 90 degrees, and dead ends into the cul-de-sac where the driveway is.

January 22-25, 2015

Four-day trip to South Texas, seeing many of the Rio Grande Valley specialties from Green Jays and chachalacas to Harris’ Hawks and roadrunners. We visit most of the best sites, and the views and photographs are astounding. Jim takes you in the GOS van at 7 am from the GOS office on Galveston or you can drive down. Trip is $600 and covers everything but meals.

Venezuela Trip- February 3-17, 2015

Visit the greatest birding country on Earth with Jim in a very small group with three others and witness the avian magic of the Llanos, Cordilleras and Andes. Bird the two greatest Hatos in South America – El Cedral and Pinero. Past trips have netted 350 species and usually seen are trogons, quetzals, eagles, gobs of parrots and macaws, brilliant tanagers, bizarre Amazon birds like the Hoatzin and Sungrebe, rare wading birds and much more. Trip is $3200 and food there is cheap.

Bosque del Apache: February 19-23, 2015

You’ll probably see more birds – especially Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes – than any trip we take. There are thousands of both, plus many species of other waterfowl, rare hawks and much more at this World-class destination. Still, on the same trip, we run to Sandia Peak one morning and see all three species of rosy-finches, plus many other mountain birds like crossbills. Both locations, within two hours of each other, are loaded with birds and will bring many life birds to those from the East. The trip costs $700.

Big Bend March 19-22, 2015

Our annual spring break trip always takes us to the beautiful, majestic Big Bend National Park in West Texas. The towering mountains are reason enough but bird life is rich and diverse, with many representatives from the Desert Southwest. You may ride in the GOS van, drive yourself or be picked up at the airport in West Texas. The trip is $700 regardless of transportation and comes with many rare birds.

Spring Photo Shoot April 16-20, 2015

An amazing four days of bird photography, the Spring Photo Shoot will include loads of songbird migrants shot at point blank range in Jim’s yard to dozens of shorebird species out the open doors of the GOS van. There is also a myriad of other birds from waders and raptors to gulls and terns. You should get decent pictures of well in excess of a hundred species, most in breeding plumage. Cost is $600 and space is VERY limited!

April 23-27, 2015

The height of the bird migration is about 20 April through 5 May, and the GOS Spring Warbler Extravaganza is right in the middle! This is four long days of the best birding our country has to offer. We will see close to 200 species of birds, from the vast array of migrating warblers, tanagers, grosbeaks, buntings, vireos and flycatchers, to many shorebirds in exquisite plumage. $500 pays for everything except meals and hotel. Destinations are mostly within an hour of Galveston, so you can commute.

Alaska June ~10-30, 2015

Though not all dates have been confirmed with the airlines, this is the trip of a lifetime. The first two weeks we tour the beautiful Kenai Peninsula, drive up to Denali National Park to see Mt. McKinley, and then work out way north to Arctic Alaska, Coldfoot, the Brook’s Range, and finally, the sprawling coastal tundra, with thousands of birds like eiders, scoters, jaegers, rare loons, phalaropes and much more. Then, for those who want more, we fly for a quick visit to Barrow (fantastic, with Steller’s Eiders!), and on to Nome (White Wagtails, Bristle-thighed Curlew, Slaty-backed Gulls, Bluethroat, etc.) for three days. This is truly the trip of a lifetime. In July (no dates yet), we’ll sponsor a ferry cruise out the Aleutian Island Chain for a week to see the motherload of pelagic birds (Whiskered Auklet), whales and dolphins, seals and sea lions and Lord only knows what else. We’ll also try to arrange a quick trip to Kodiak Island, cashing in on the clouds of pelagic birds seen along the way. Lastly, we will also sponsor a one-week tour of the Kenai Peninsula, replete with migrating shorebirds like tattlers, Rock Sandpipers, Black Oystercatchers, Black Turnstones and Surfbirds and many Alaskan woodland species. You may bring a tent and camp with me in campgrounds, or use a nearby hotel, paying for your own room. This trip is designed to show you a fair portion of Alaska for those of you on budgets. We’ll try to keep it to $1000! :0 There is also a possibility that we will arrange an August rafting trip down the Sag River, that flows out of the Brook’s Range, toward the Arctic Ocean. Are you kidding me? Nesting Gyrfalcon, Bluethroat, Yellow Wagtail, Red-throated Loon, Hoary Redpolls, and Lord only knows what else. This trip will separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls. [Hopefully we can separate the men from the girls.] ;) Let me know what you are interested in.

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We are a group of friends of all ages in Galveston County, Texas, who share a love for learning about birds. We have meetings and classes and birding trips like the Water Bird Workshop or Shorebird Seminar. Members have day and overnight field trips to observe birds in their natural setting.

The Society offers several trips away from Galveston during each year. Participants have gone to far away bird hot spots such as Venezuela, Arizona, South Texas, Florida, Alaska, the Yucatan, the Galapagos and many other locations.

Additional trips planned for the future include Africa, Tierra del Fuego and Cape May. The leader of the trips is Jim Stevenson, who is a professional bird guide and ornithology professor.

Leaders of the Society are available for providing programs and articles about birds and animals for newspapers and periodicals. Executive Director, Jim Stevenson, has written several books, including one chronicling the Wildlife of Galveston (sold out).

Galveston Bay's first nature newspaper, "GULLS n HERONS", is the inspiration of The Galveston Ornithological Society. Informative and instructive articles on nature, such as bird watching, reptiles, fishing, etc., are included in all issues, and it includes color pictures of Gulf Coast birds and other creatures. Download the latest Gulls n Herons by clicking here.

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